Nabou Claerhout

Trombone / Bandleader

Nabou Claerhout

Trombone / Bandleader

As a bandleader, Nabou composes most of the tunes they play. She started this project to make her compositions alive.

Trui Amerlinck

Double Bass

Is a young bass player who is active in different music scenes. You can see her playing bass in in TRVI, Tsar B, Ivy falls and cello in Another String Quartet and Oko Yono as a cello player.

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Roeland Celis


Is a BAEF scholarship awarded guitar player, which gave him the chance to study for one year in New York City at the Aaron Copland School of Music. As a freelance musician, Roeland had the pleasure to work together with Gary Smulyan, Avishai Cohen (tpt), Bert Joris and many more.

Mathias Vercammen


Mathias is an educator, arranger and drummer. With his arranging work he had the pleasure to work and play together with Joshua Redman. Beside N∆BOU, Mathias is active as a freelance musician and conductor of a big band.

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