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Lynn Cassiers  & Nabou Claerhout

The artistic paths of Lynn Cassiers and Nabou Claerhout have regularly crossed over the past few years: as a duo, they have performed at major Belgian venues and festivals such as LOD, deSingel, Leuven Jazz, Brussels Jazz Festival (Flagey), BOZAR, ...  — always proving how one plus one really does add up to three.  

The two artists are known for exploring and stretching the boundaries of the many genres they experiment with — Nabou with her trombone, Lynn with vocals, effects and keys — and in this they appear to reinforce each other in their own way. Layers of jazzelectronics and ambient reach from ethereal to intense and back again, until a vast, colourful and above all stunning soundscape emerges.

Nabou Claerhout - Trombone & FX

Lynn Cassiers - Vocal & FX

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