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 "Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout is a well-rounded representation of the artist’s compositional and arranging prowess, a recording seemingly designed to force a reconsideration of the stalwart trombone.”."

 — Downbeat Magazine (USA) / ***1/2

 "They havestrong tunes, soloists loaded with talent and a continual tension between structure and freedom, a muted ‘bone chorus making curt clips, turning into a honeyed unison. Leader Claerhout always seems to be, fittingly, the trombonist who delivers the finest solos in the gang."


 "Jazz trombonist Nabou Claerhout gives Dirk Roofthooft
wings, and the audience goosebumps in the piece 'Adjusting

 — KNACK FOCUS (BE) / ****

 "Who goes straight to the heart is trombonist Nabou Claerhout. Whether she is humming softly, playing Beethoven's last piano sonata or putting on a dash of Beach Boys, she gets to the heart of David's emotional struggle. Give that woman a prize!"

 — De Standaard (BE)

 "A beautiful piece of work full of melodic, catchy modern jazz, in which Claerhout's warm trombone tracks nicely with Roeland Celis's guitar (whom you know from Hast) and the rhythm tandem of Mathias Vercammen (drums) and Trui Amerlinck (bass) lays nice foundations."

 — De Standaard (BE) / ****

 "There was real star quality in her soloing: song tone, strong line, real presence. (...) Claerhout was a new name to me and is definitely on to watch out for.''
— London Jazz News (UK)

''Cet album va devenir un jalon, un repère, une référence pour les groupes menés par un trombone.''

Le Soir (BE) / ***

''Nabou Claerhout led her Trombone Ensemble, boasting five of those oft-neglected sliders, with the leader herself often providing expressive soloing peaks. The group made a joyous elaboration during a journeying escalation, often with a Spanish tinge to the compositions.''

— Jazzwise (UK)

''With her warm trombone sound, not immediately splashing in high eruptions but intelligently building melodic lines, Claerhout evokes a different atmosphere every time. (...) A band to follow."

— NRC (NL)/ ****

 "Nabou Claerhout and Emma-Jean Thackray both have a lucid vision and imagination that lift their work far away from the ordinary. [Both albums] are powerful statements"

— WeJazz Magazine ‘Pursuance’ (FI/UK/WW)

 "An album to love" 

— Trouw (NL) 

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