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Just like those three sides of the triangle in the band’s name, Brussels based trombone player Nabou Claerhout surrounded herself with her three favourite musicians to found her own group N∆BOU, back in 2016. With Trui Amerlinck on double bass, Roeland Celis on electric guitar and Mathias Vercammen on drums, this quartet unites some of the most diversely talented young musicians in the Benelux. N∆BOU rapidly made their way up in the newest jazz-&-beyondwave, catching the attention of both the audience and sector professionals thanks to their refreshing trombone sound, innovative use of effects and original approach of compositions.


With their much-lauded debut EP ‘Hubert’, released independently in 2019, N∆BOU was invited to play stages like Gent Jazz Festival, Ancienne Belgique, Bimhuis (NL) North Sea Jazz Festival (NL), Brussels Jazz Weekend, KAAPOLT Rivierenhof, Cologne Jazzweek (DE), Jazz à la Villette (FR), Leuven Jazz Festival, C-Mine, Transition Festival / Tivoli Vredenburg (NL) and many more. On this first release, the band’s strong interplay and interesting interaction creates both up tempo grooves as well as a more contemplative atmosphere. Their exploration and stretching of the boundaries of both the trombone and the jazz genre, awards N∆BOU with a unique position in today’s scene.


Also the (international) press started praising the band’s unique sound already at an early stage.

“Congratulations on your recent debut EP, Hubert, from your band NΔBOU. It’s a great four-piece featuring your-self, Mathias Vercammen (drums), Trui Amerlinck (bass) and Roeland Celis (guitar). Your sound is very different, tell me about finding your own way with the trombone.”

London Jazz News (UK)


Now signed to Outnote Records (Outhere), this promising quartet released its first full album ‘You Know’ on October 22nd 2021 as the start of an exciting new chapter and is intensely touring with it through Europe.

Nabou Claerhout - Trombone 

Roeland Celis - Guitar

Trui Amerlinck - Double Bass 

Mathias Vercammen - Drums

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