N∆BOU is a project of the Belgian trombonist Nabou Claerhout (31 August 1993). They are a four-piece jazz band consisting of a mix of young jazz musicians from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent and Antwerp. The band consists of musicians who Nabou mainly met through the different big band projects she participated in earlier. Mathias Vercammen (drums) and Trui Amerlinck (bass) played together with Nabou in the "Ghent Youth Jazz Orchestra"(BE). With Gijs Idema (guitar) she came into contact during their playing in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NL). After two years Gijs got replaced by Roeland Celis who just got back from his exchange program in New York. N∆BOU mainly produces original work from Nabou Claerhout.

"The young jazz quartet brings an atmospheric, energetic and intense set in which the wonderful, idiosyncratic and powerful trombone-playing of Claerhout is central."

 Mark Van Mullem

NΔBOU has performed at places such as De Jazzzolder, Brussel Jazz Weekend, Luisterplein (Gentse Feesten) and the North Sea Jazz festival 2018, where they finished their second tour. All of this they do in their own way and the result is a sound that doesn’t hide there wide influences.

Nabou Claerhout - Trombone 

Roeland Celis - Guitar

Trui Amerlinck - Double Bass 

Mathias Vercammen - Drums