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Nabou Claerhout

Trombone / Bandleader

As a bandleader, Nabou composes the tunes they play. She started this project to make her compositions alive.

Trui Amerlinck

Double Bass

Is a bass player who is active in different music scenes. You can see her playing (double) bass, cello and sing in TRVI, Tsar B, Ivy falls, Rosa Butsi, The Great Belgian Songbook. As cellist and arranger of Anther string Quartet, she made work for the theatre production of Ish Air Hamou, made several recordings for such artists as Bazart and toured with Tourist LeMC.

Gijs Idema


Is a guitarist, bandleader and composer. He leads various projects such as the Gijs Idema Trio and the Idema/Serierse Quartet. He has already won several awards (the Princess Christina Concour, Keep an Eye the Record, Conservatory Talent Award and The Mingus Composition Prize). and has been nominated for an Edison award . His solo records, "Marking Time" and "Shaping Time," showcase his capability as a composer together with his works for string quartet and solo piano. As a guitarist, he also plays in Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout and William Barrett's band.

Daniel Jonkers


Besides teaching at the Maastricht Academy of Music, Daniel is incredibly active in lots of different projects as a drummer. You can find him behind the drums at: Aligaga, Sound Circus , Sonic Hug, Profound Observer & Bert Joris and Trombone Ensemble Nabou Claerhout. But also as a bandleader and composer with his own Trio Whispering Trees.

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